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Staking Troubleshooting Guide

Welcome to the EMBR Token Staking FAQ. As part of our commitment to ensuring a seamless experience for our users, we've compiled answers to some frequently asked questions about staking EMBR tokens. This guide is designed to help you navigate through the staking process, understand different staking schedules, and troubleshoot common issues you might encounter along the way.

We aim to make staking as straightforward as possible, but we understand that questions or challenges can arise. Whether you're curious about the specifics of staking schedules, need help with wallet connections, or are wondering about withdrawals, we've got you covered.

Should you encounter any situations not addressed in this guide, or if you require further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. Simply open the chat bubble to connect with our support team. We're here to ensure your staking journey is smooth and rewarding.


What are the different staking schedules available for EMBR tokens, and how do they work?

We offer three distinct staking schedules, each with its own lockup period and APY rewards. You're allowed to engage in one of each staking schedule simultaneously. Adding more tokens to an existing schedule resets the lockup timer for that staking schedule, so plan your additions with this in mind.

Why do I need to keep 1 EMBR token in my wallet for withdrawals?

Due to a current requirement of our system, ensure you have at least 1 EMBR token in your wallet (not including the amount you're staking) to successfully withdraw your deposit or rewards. This helps facilitate the withdrawal process smoothly.

How can I withdraw my rewards without affecting my staked deposit?

Our platform allows for the separate withdrawal of rewards and deposits. This means you can choose to withdraw only your rewards while leaving your deposit intact, or vice versa, without any impact on the other.

What should I do if my tokens remain staked beyond the initial lockup period?

Your staked $EMBR tokens will continue to accrue rewards at the agreed-upon APY even after the lockup period. There's no need to take any action to continue earning rewards.

How do I compound my staking rewards?

To compound your earnings, withdraw your rewards and deposit after your lockup period ends, and then re-stake the total amount. This process allows you to earn APY on your initial deposit plus previously earned rewards.

I'm having difficulty connecting my wallet. What troubleshooting steps can I take?

If you're having difficulty connecting to the interface, try these steps if you encounter wallet connection issues: refresh your connection, clear your wallet’s cache, restart your wallet app, or try using the dApp browser within your wallet for a potentially smoother connection.

What if I experience errors during withdrawal?

First, ensure that you're maintaining the required 1 EMBR token in your wallet. If problems persist, clearing your wallet's cache or restarting the wallet app can help resolve these issues.

Can I add to my stake in the same schedule before the lockup period ends?

Adding more tokens to a staking schedule is possible, but be aware that this resets the lockup timer for your total staked amount under that schedule. Plan accordingly to maximize your staking strategy.

If you are encountering issues using Embr Checkout and need additional assistance beyond these tips above, please reach out here with the support chat feature.

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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