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EMBR Token Security & Audits

At Embr Labs, we're not just passionate about innovation; we recognize that ensuring the security of our technology is equally vital. Our vision is ambitious, but we firmly believe that security isn't just an add-on—it's integral to everything we create and deploy.


In alignment with our commitment to security, we've proudly partnered with Hacken, a leader in cybersecurity services, by joining their Partner Program. This collaboration allows us to benefit from Hacken's extensive expertise. They conduct thorough audits of our smart contracts and provide invaluable advice on strengthening our technology's security framework. Over the years, we have consistently engaged Hacken to perform rigorous audits on a variety of smart contracts we've developed, ensuring our security measures evolve alongside our technology.

For those interested in a deeper dive into our security practices and audit history, we encourage you to review Hacken's detailed audit reports for our various smart contracts, available here.

GoPlus Smart Contract Overview

In our quest to maintain the highest security standards, we also utilize tools and services from other leading entities in the Web3 security domain. GoPlus, renowned for their expertise in Web3 security, offers a sophisticated token scanner designed to identify potential vulnerabilities in smart contracts. This scanner meticulously analyzes smart contracts for any signs of malicious functions or indicators of substandard construction, flagging any concerns that require attention.

We're pleased to report that the EMBR token has undergone GoPlus' comprehensive analysis, resulting in a clean bill of health: '0 risky items' and '0 attention items' were found. This outcome reaffirms our commitment to maintaining robust security measures and demonstrates our ongoing effort to safeguard our technology against potential threats.

For an in-depth look at the EMBR token's security evaluation by GoPlus, you can access the full overview here. We remain vigilant and proactive in our security efforts, ensuring that our community and partners can trust in the safety and reliability of our technology.

Updated on: 15/05/2024

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