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How is the total supply of $EMBR allocated?

The Embr token ($EMBR) is a crucial component of the Mattr One ecosystem, designed to facilitate various transactions and provide incentives for users within the platform. Its tokenomics, or the economic structure and principles governing the token's distribution and utility, play a significant role in the overall success and sustainability of the project.

Token supply distribution: The $EMBR token distribution, totalling 300,000,000 tokens, is carefully planned to ensure a fair and balanced allocation of tokens among different stakeholders.

The distribution is as follows:

Initial liquidity pool (10%): 30,000,000 tokens are allocated to provide initial liquidity for trading on decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

Development (7%): 21,000,000 tokens are reserved to support ongoing development and improvements to the Mattr One platform.

Private presale (15%): 45,000,000 tokens are allocated to early investors during the private presale phase.

Staking rewards pool (35%): 105,000,000 tokens are reserved for rewarding users who participate in staking within the ecosystem.

Reserve vesting (5.1%): 15,300,000 tokens are set aside as a reserve for future needs and contingencies.

Public presale (15%): 45,000,000 tokens are allocated during the public presale phase to attract a broader investor base

Marketing (5%): 15,000,000 tokens are reserved for marketing initiatives, strategic partnerships, and promotional activities to expand the project's reach and increase adoption.

Team vesting (7.9%): 23,700,000 tokens are set aside for the core team members and founders as a reward for their contributions to the project. These tokens typically have a vesting schedule to ensure long-term commitment and alignment of interests.

Updated on: 14/02/2024

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