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Checkout Security and Audits

Embr Labs takes the security of its technology extremely seriously. All too often, you'll hear of the hacks, exploits, and errors that can cost afflicted projects/investors in this space millions of dollars each time.

Although there are no absolute guarantees of safety in this space, Embr leverages every preventative measure that can be put in place in order to make its technology a significantly more difficult target for malicious actors.

To accomplish this, Embr is a formal partner with Hacken, and as such, we leverage Hacken's industry-leading cybersecurity services including, but not limited to; bug bounties, penetration testing, and smart contract audits.


You can find the bundle of our audits on the Hacken website here. We use three smart contracts to power our ecosystem. You'll find the individual audits below.

BEP-20 Token Smart Contract
Crowdsale Smart Contract
Vault Smart Contract
Checkout V2 DEX Router Contract


Hacken Partnership

Updated on: 09/11/2023

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