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What is the SmartSwap API?

In Short...

The SmartSwap API is a platform built on top of Embr Labs’ proprietary USDC-enabled payments solution — the Mattr One Protocol. The SmartSwap API significantly simplifies user experiences in crypto-enabled products and applications by abstracting gas, wallet, and chain considerations. It enables one-step payments in real time, facilitating transactions from fiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-fiat, and across different chains in seconds.

With those core functionalities — seamless onboarding, off-ramping, and interchain payments — the SmartSwap API holds the potential to disrupt countless verticals in and around crypto and e-commerce. To read more about the Mattr One Protocol, the stack that powers the API, you can read the whitepaper here.

Revolutionizing On-Ramps

The first major product stemming from the SmartSwap API is a groundbreaking, comprehensive solution for on-ramps. This product simplifies the process of listing assets dramatically. With an intuitive dashboard, on-ramps can effortlessly view available assets, request assets for clearing via our multi-point clearing protocol, and list assets from a pool of cleared options — all with a simple switch toggle.

This innovation transforms on-ramp business models, enabling fiat-to-token transactions in mere seconds by end-users. By eliminating the need for multiple intermediaries, on-ramps gain unprecedented control over their offerings and stacks, bypassing traditional liquidity providers and centralized exchanges (CEXs). This not only streamlines operations but also enhances efficiency and profitability — all while removing multiple friction points for crypto-newbies and veterans alike.

Embr Checkout Integration

The integration of SmartSwap API into Embr Checkout (V3) promises a significant leap forward for token projects. This integration will facilitate the conversion from fiat to token seamlessly and swiftly. The process is as straightforward as visiting the token's website and clicking 'buy' — the rest, including wallet, gas, and chain complexities, is handled by the SmartSwap API. This means that within seconds, users can purchase tokens without the typical hassle associated with such transactions. This feature is especially beneficial for token projects seeking to enhance user accessibility and boost their onramp efficiency.

The Expansive Potential of SmartSwap API

The potential applications of the SmartSwap API extend far beyond Ramp Service Providers and token projects. Its versatility and power have the capability to disrupt various sectors, including e-commerce, off-ramping, and more. This API could redefine how digital assets are utilized in everyday online transactions, bringing crypto into the mainstream for both casual users and seasoned crypto enthusiasts. The simplicity and speed of SmartSwap open up new opportunities for businesses and consumers alike, potentially transforming the landscape of digital commerce.

A Modular Payment Platform for Diverse Needs

Integrating the SmartSwap API is a straightforward process, thanks to its modular design. Its core capabilities are easily adaptable and can seamlessly fit into a wide array of crypto-enabled products and applications. Whether for a small startup or a large enterprise, the SmartSwap API can be integrated with minimal technical overhead, allowing businesses to leverage its powerful features without extensive development work. This ease of integration ensures that businesses can quickly benefit from the API's advanced capabilities, staying ahead in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency and digital transactions. The SmartSwap API will power multiple current and future products from Embr Labs — in addition to products built by third-parties on this technology once released into the wild for developers.

If you are interested in participating in any of our early access stages for the SmartSwap API, be sure to reach out to us here.

Updated on: 18/01/2024

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