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How to Submit a Mattr Improvement Proposal (MIP)

This how-to guide will walk you through the process of submitting a proposal for approval, known as an Mattr Improvement Proposal (MIP). Prior knowledge of the Mattr One Protocol is recommended, but this guide does not assume any prior experience with governance protocols.


Before submitting a proposal for voting on the Mattr One Protocol, it is recommended to obtain a "temperature check" from the community by creating a post for open dialogue and feedback. This will allow for constructive criticism and potential issues to be identified and addressed before the proposal is put up for a vote. The discussion forum or channel should be hosted on one of Embr’s Social platform like Discord, Telegram, or Reddit, and will be moderated by the Embr Labs team or a community-appointed moderator to ensure productive and respectful discussion.

Once finalised, the proposal can be submitted to the Embr Labs Team to be added to Snapshot for voting.

Proposal Types

There are two types of MIPs; Protocol Improvement and Governance Framework.

Protocol Improvement: These proposals suggest changes or enhancements to the Mattr One Protocol, such as the addition of new features, improvements to existing ones, or modifications to the underlying smart contract code.

Governance Framework: These proposals suggest changes to the Mattr One Governance Framework, such as adjustments to the governance committee structure, modifications to voting procedures, or updates to the overall governance strategy.

Structuring a MIP

It is recommended to use the suggested structure for MIPs to ensure that proposals are well-organized and easy to understand. However, this structure is intended as a guide, and proposers are free to adapt it to their specific needs.

Title: A clear and concise title that describes the proposal.

Introduction: An introduction that outlines the purpose and objectives of the proposal.

Background: Briefly describe the context or motivation that the proposal aims to address.

Proposal: A detailed explanation of the proposal, including technical specifications and any necessary code changes.

Rationale: A clear and detailed explanation of why the proposal is necessary and how it will benefit the Mattr One Protocol and its users.

Implementation: A description of how the proposal will be implemented, including any required resources, timelines, and potential challenges.

Security considerations: An assessment of the proposal's potential impact on the security of the Mattr One Protocol and any steps taken to mitigate potential risks.

Future work: A discussion of any future work or improvements that may be necessary following the implementation of the proposal.

Conclusion: A summary of the proposal and its potential impact on the Mattr One Protocol, followed by a call to action for the community to vote on the proposal.

Resubmitting a MIP

In some cases, a proposed MIP may not be approved on the first attempt. In such a scenario, the proposer has the option to revise the proposal and address the concerns raised by the community before resubmitting it for consideration.

When resubmitting a MIP that has not been passed, the proposer is advised to include the following additional sections:

Analyse the feedback and concerns from the community that led to the rejection of the MIP.

Revise the MIP to address the concerns and feedback received.

Communicate the changes made to the MIP in a clear and concise manner.

Engage with the community to build support and consensus around the revised MIP.

Clearly define the benefits and potential risks associated with the revised MIP.

Provide a detailed roadmap for the implementation of the MIP.

Ensure that the revised MIP is aligned with the vision and values of the Mattr One Protocol.

Be open to further feedback and iterations to the MIP before resubmission.

By following these steps, a proposer can increase the chances of a successful resubmission of a MIP.

Updated on: 23/08/2023

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