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$EMBR Token Overview

The $EMBR token, launched in late 2021, is a uniquely versatile digital asset and an integral piece of the Embr Payment Network. It boasts a 0% buy/sell tax and utilizes a bonding-curve model to reinforce long-term tokenomic health. The $EMBR token, conceived to add and receive significant value from the Embr Payment Network, ensures smooth adoption of the Mattr One Protocol without introducing unnecessary friction.

Embr Labs’ proprietary USDC-enabled payment technology, the SmartSwap API, powered by the Mattr One Protocol, endows the $EMBR token with three pivotal roles: as a revenue share token, a governance token, and a utility token. These roles collectively enhance the token’s utility, making it a valuable asset for businesses and projects using the SmartSwap API. It appeals to holders seeking a share of revenue, those desiring influence in the Mattr One Protocol, and more.

The intertwined functionality of revenue sharing, governance, and utility within the Embr ecosystem not only fosters reasons for initial adoption but also encourages long-term holding, facilitating typical trading activities without the restrictive buy/sell taxes common in other tokens. Moreover, the transformative potential of the SmartSwap positions the $EMBR token as a uniquely compelling asset for a diverse array of stakeholders.

Let's dive into each role to help further understand the $EMBR token’s place within the Mattr One Protocol and the SmartSwap API:


The $EMBR token is the cornerstone of governance for the Mattr One Protocol. Holding $EMBR tokens is crucial for participation in the Governing Committee and for voting on protocol-related proposals. This governance role provides token holders with a direct influence on the protocol’s evolution and direction.

The Mattr One governance system oversees vital decisions, focusing on enhancing the protocol. This could involve system upgrades to improve decentralization, optimize performance, or address critical vulnerabilities. Additionally, governance may cover decisions impacting the broader Mattr or Embr ecosystem.

To delve deeper into Mattr One governance, additional information can be found here.
This governance aspect is especially relevant for businesses and entities using the SmartSwap API, providing them with a legitimate stake in vital decisions within the Mattr One Protocol.


Embr Labs is not just about the SmartSwap API; it’s building an entire ecosystem leveraging the Mattr One Protocol. With a diverse range of potential products and services in the pipeline, the $EMBR token is poised to offer even more utility.

From potential fee discounts and exclusive features to token-based access controls¹, the $EMBR token is uniquely positioned to add value without compromising usability or user experience. Its straightforward tokenomics and absence of buy/sell taxes make it ideal for use as a utility token within Embr Labs’ growing suite of products and services.

Considering the SmartSwap API’s unique position as the only payment solution in DeFi facilitating seamless transactions with decentralized cryptoassets, the utility aspects mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg for potential enhancements.

Revenue Share

Beyond governance and utility, the $EMBR token entitles holders to a share of revenue generated through transaction fees from the SmartSwap API. This revenue-sharing model, replacing the conventional buy/sell tax, presents an innovative approach to generating passive income.

For each transaction processed via the SmartSwap API, a small, dynamic fee of up to 1.5%² is applied. A portion of this fee is then distributed among holders proportionally, based on their token holdings. Given the wide range of applications for the SmartSwap API, both on-chain and off-chain, the revenue-sharing potential is substantial.

This revenue share also serves as an incentive for long-term holding, augmenting the $EMBR token’s appeal to businesses, traders, and various other users, reinforcing its position as a potent retention tool.


The $EMBR token, as an integral part of the Embr project, stands out as a multifaceted digital asset offering significant value across various aspects of decentralized finance. Its design, eschewing buy/sell taxes and leveraging a bonding curve model, not only facilitates ease of adoption but also underscores its long-term viability within the Mattr One Protocol ecosystem.

The token’s threefold functionality — serving as a governance token, a utility token, and a vehicle for revenue sharing — is ingeniously interwoven, ensuring that each role enhances the others. As a governance token, it empowers stakeholders, providing them with a significant say in the protocol’s direction, thus fostering a sense of community and investment in its future. The utility aspect, further amplified by the innovative SmartSwap API, opens up a realm of possibilities for application within the Embr Labs ecosystem, adding tangible value to the user experience.

Moreover, the revenue-sharing function introduces an attractive incentive for token holders, offering a passive income stream that’s both sustainable and aligned with the broader growth of the Embr platform. This aspect is particularly appealing, as it encourages long-term holding and engagement within the community.

In essence, the $EMBR token is not just a digital asset; it’s a comprehensive tool designed for diverse audiences — from businesses utilizing the SmartSwap API to individual traders and investors. Its well-rounded approach to governance, utility, and revenue-sharing establishes it as a compelling choice in the world of decentralized finance, balancing innovation with practicality. The $EMBR token is, therefore, more than just a part of the Embr ecosystem — it’s a catalyst for growth, engagement, and sustainable success in the ever-evolving landscape of DeFi.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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