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Delegate Your Vote

As an $EMBR token holder, participating in the voting process is crucial for ensuring that the Mattr One Protocol evolves in a way that reflects the interests of its community.

If you're unable to actively engage in governance proposals or committee elections, you can still have a say by delegating your voting power to someone you trust. In this how-to, you'll learn how to evaluate and select a delegate who can represent your interests and vote on your behalf.

Delegate your voting power on Snapshot

In order to delegate your voting power you will need to complete the following steps:

Go to the Snapshot delegate page.

Enter the wallet address you want to delegate to.

To limit the delegation to a specific space limit the delegation to a specific space, tap the on toggle button and enter the space key (example: balancer.eth) you want your delegation to take effect on. If no space is selected, the effect will take place for all spaces.

Click Confirm to save your delegation.

Things to Consider

When delegating your voting power, it's important to consider several factors to ensure that your delegate aligns with your values and has the best interests of the Mattr One Protocol and its community in mind. Here are some things to consider:

Reputation and track record: Look for delegates who have a strong reputation within the community and a track record of making decisions that benefit the protocol.

Communication: Choose a delegate who is transparent and communicative about their decision-making process and how they plan to vote on proposals.

Alignment with your values: Consider whether the delegate's voting record aligns with your personal values and beliefs about the future direction of the protocol.

Expertise: Look for delegates who have expertise in relevant areas such as blockchain technology, economics, or governance.

Responsiveness: Choose a delegate who is responsive to community concerns and feedback and is willing to adjust their voting strategy accordingly.

Updated on: 23/08/2023

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